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Greek God of Winds

Take on the role of the Greek God of Wind, Aeolus, and attempt to land balloons on platforms by using your fingers to control the wind.

Why? Maybe you don't like the human invaders to your realm of wind and sky. It's more likely that even a God gets bored occasionally and passes his time harassing the poor mortals invading his realm on a Sunday afternoon!

The simple swipe-and-tap controls, obstacles and different balloon types result in an entertaining, tricky and addictive game which is part puzzler and part arcade fun.

If you have any other questions about Aeolus please contact support@creativeshadows.co.uk



Graphics by Syd Emmery.

Programming by Tim Cooper

Thanks to everyone who helped test the game in 2012, and who helped and supported with ideas and encouragement. You're all listed in the full credits found in the hidden area of the game.


Aeolus Description

If you're wondering what it's all about, or don't have an iPhone, here's a quick description of what's in the game.

Home Screen

Aeolus Home Screen

The Home screen is pretty simple, allowing you to view who made the game and turn the sound on and off. Tap the Aeolus in the corner to make do another animation.

A hidden area can be accessed from here containing additional controls as well as the full credits list.

The reset option lets you reset all the scores to 0 (so other people can play through the game from the start).

The unlock option restores all the high scores again. Scores are merged, so you always keep the best possible score for each level.

Chapter Selection

Aeolus Chapter Selection

Swipe to scroll through the chapters and tap to select one.

Chapters are unlocked once you complete the final level in the previous chapter.

The numbers shown for each chapter are how many gold balloons have been achieved.

Levels Selection

Aeolus Level Selection

Tap a level to play it :)

Unlocked Levels show whether you've achieved a bronze, silver or gold balloon score. Complete each level to unlock the next one.

The Game

Chapter 1 Screenshot

Balloons drift on from the edges of the screen. Swipe to create gusts of wind to push balloons round the screen and get them moving towards the landing pads. Tap to create a vortex of air that holds a balloon in place and pushes it down to the ground faster. Breath effects don't last long so you need to keep an eye on things, though if you tap on a vortex before it disappears it gets refreshed instead of adding a new one.

Match a balloon with a symbol with the platform with the same symbol for triple points. Handy on tricky levels when you just want to unlock the next one!


Chapter 2 Screenshot

There are several different balloon types which behave differently as you try and guide them around the screen. Parachutists have also been seen dropping in instead of drifting on from the edges, so keep your eyes open.

The second chapter adds a plateau. This flat area is large enough to have a platform on top of it, so make sure you get the balloon there before it gets too low or you won't be able to land it.


Chapter 3 Screenshot

Short, medium and tall obstacles cause even more trouble than the plateau. Sometimes they're just in the way, sometimes you need to get passed them before it's too late

Short obstacles are about the same height as the pillar and medium ones are about twice as high. The tall obstacles are always in the way so you'll have to go round them.


Chapter 4 Screenshot

Please get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for the game.

Hope you enjoy Aeolus!